January 25, 2019 – Holiday Village Bee Report

Our 12th annual Bee at Holiday Village, in Mesa, was fantastic! We were greeted in the parking lot by friendly fellows – John, Jerry, and Lyle. They helped us haul in our supplies, sewing machines, food, and more. Thanks guys! The weather was perfect for spray basting quilts outside, while the majority of our volunteers filled the community room, and got down to blanket-making business.

There were 69 guests at this bee, and all were treated to a special gift… the gift of food! Our delicious pizza lunch was generously donated by Yolanda A., from Tucson. Yolanda found us through a connection with the property management group for the park. While assisting Debbie F. with management duties at the Mesa location, she learned Holiday Village was hosting us for a Bee on the 25th. When she saw it was AZ Blankets 4 Kids, she immediately recognized our organization from a label on a quilt received by her daughter. Yolanda and her husband were fostering a little girl who had received a blanket from one of our local recipient agencies. They are now the proud adoptive parents of 2 year old Charlotte. Yolanda was so touched to make the connection between this much loved blanket and its makers. She wanted to find a way to give back. So, with help from Debbie, she arranged to treat us to lunch. Although Yolanda was unable to attend, Debbie shared her story, and kindly coordinated our surprise. Not only did this gift result in full bellies and happy volunteers, but it allowed us to redirect our lunch money to raffles and other ways that benefited AZ Blankets 4 Kids and the sewing group at Holiday Village. We’ve made over 115,000 blankets since our inception in 2001. It’s a truly special thing to hear from a recipient. That’s 1 in 115,000 that found a way to reach us, thank us, and motivate us to keep going. We are filled with gratitude, and we wish Miss Charlotte many happy snuggles under her blanket with her new family.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on this most excellent day! There were 256 blankets donated at the door and 96 completed at the Bee! We look forward to returning for a 13th annual Bee with our friends at Holiday Village!


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