Use Up Those Scraps!

Scrapbuster Series, Part 1 – Easy Blanket for Infant to Teen

By Barb Middleton

If you are anything like me (and I suspect quite a few of you are), we cannot stand to throw out scraps of fabric, resulting in quite a stash of pieces not big enough to do much in a quilt.

I want to highlight a few quilt patterns from our website that can use up some of those scraps. The first pattern is Easy Blanket for Infant to Teen.

This pattern is simple and quick to make for any size, which are all detailed on the pattern. There are only two pieces (basically this is an A/B quilt). The larger square is 10 1/2″ x 8 1/2″  and the second is 10 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. I like to use a focus fabric with lots of color and activity for the larger piece, and then “go scrappy” for the second piece, using either (1) different color scraps for each piece that go with the focus fabric, or (2) use all one color. My sample here uses all reds, but each one is a different scrap from my stash.

This sample uses three fat quarters and one focus fabric. The focus fabric has a larger print, so it works well as the larger blocks of this Easy Blanket. Even though I may have had enough fabric to make a teen size quilt, I kept this one child sized, since the print is more appropriate for a child.

Note: Since many of my scraps are not 10 1/2″, I have varied the pattern in the past by making pieces 8 or 9 inches in height instead. Rather than doing extensive math to figure everything out ahead of time, I tend to “wing it” and see what I end up with and whether I need to make more squares or add borders, etc. (I have enough scraps to make that approach work – hmmm.)

I challenge you to try this pattern and submit pictures of your “creation” to us to feature on our website or on our Facebook page. Send your pics to

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