February 29, 2020 La Hacienda Bee

By Kelli Nemec

What a beautiful day to Bee with 62 friends at La Hacienda! It was so nice outside, we left the doors open all day. The swimming pool was hopping too, but we were happy to spend the day with our blanket-making besties. The potluck lunch is always a special treat too. Thanks to everyone for bringing a dish to share!

Barbara Thum of Canyon Vista won the door prize basket. A too cute Luitgard Griffin, from Fountain of the Sun, won the fabric raffle basket with a lucky winning number containing her birthdate. The 50/50 cool cash prize went home with Charlene Weiter of La Hacienda. And finally, the absolutely adorable baby quilt raffled by our hosts, went to the same person who drew the ticket… me, it was me! Totally fair and square, I swear! This was the second time I was the lucky winner of the La Hacienda quilt raffle. I was so embarrassed and excited to win that I forgot to ask who made this adorable quilt. If someone knows, leave a comment so we can add our gratitude to them here.

Our volunteers are amazing multitaskers! Not only did we have a great time, enjoy a delicious meal, and give away super cool prizes, but we also had 43 blankets donated at the door and 50 completed at the bee. That’s a grand total of 93! Nice work everyone!

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