Blanket Guidelines Refresher

We’ve heard that many of our volunteers have been sewing for us while staying home these last few months. We’re so grateful and hope this finds you well. Thank you for using this time to benefit our kids. Please hold on to your blanket donations until our distribution chain and recipient agencies are able to safely resume operation.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to give a quick refresher of some of our blanket making guidelines.


Review and Requests for Blanket Construction

1.       Blanket Size and Age Appropriate Prints
AZ Blankets 4 Kids welcomes all new handmade blankets. Whether you crochet, knit, quilt, hand or machine sew, we are grateful for your donation.
Our blanket sizes are approximate, but should not be smaller than the suggested sizes on the chart below. If you put together a quilt top that is smaller than a suggested size, please add borders to bring it to size. If your quilt has baby/toddler prints, please keep them within the Infant/Toddler sizes, or child prints in child size, and teen prints in teen size.


2.       Super Seams – Pressing/Matching/Nesting/Pinning
We understand it can take some practice to master the art of matching seams. It relies on accuracy at every stage of the blanket making process (precisely cut pieces and consistent ¼” seams). When you start putting your blocks together, we recommend pressing as you go. If you’re piecing squares like the example below, press your seams in opposite directions for each row (to the right on row 1 and to the left on row 2, and so on). This way, you can easily nest the seams together and pin them for even more accuracy.



3.       Tying 2 x 2 x 2 and Not Too Tight
Please tie quilts with #10 size crochet cotton. We do not use yarn because it can be pulled out easily. These quilts will be well loved and need to hold up through many washings. Our 2 x 2 x 2 method is an easy way to remember to double the thread on your needle, go through the quilt sandwich twice, then tie two knots. Finally, trim the ends of the tie to approximately 1 ½”.



Looped threads like the example below, are easily pulled out by little fingers. These will need to be removed and retied.


Knots that are pulled too tight, like the example below, will weaken the scrunched fabric, especially during washings. These will need to be removed and retied as well.


If you have any questions about quilt construction, please feel free to leave a voice message on our blanket line at (480) 283-8746 or email and we’ll reply as soon as possible.
With your help, we can provide quality quilts to our kids, that will hold up through years of cuddles and washings.
With Gratitude,
AZ Blankets 4 Kids


    • Thank you! P!ease feel free to use and print any patterns from our site if you are making quilts for charity or for gifts. We ask that our patterns not be used to make quilts that will be sold for profit. Happy sewing!

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