So Many Stitches, So Little Time


We have some very talented volunteers who knit and crochet blankets for us. These wonderful folks stitch some really beautiful blankets. If you are one of them, we thank you for your time and talents. If you’re considering stitching up a blanket for us, please keep a couple things in mind. First, we organize our donations by size and child age, so we ask the blankets finish close to the following sizes.

Infant: 38″ to 40″ square
Toddler: 38″ x 44″ to 40″ x 46″
Child: 40″ x 48″
Teen: 40″ x 56″ to 42″ x 60″

And second, we ask you to choose your stitches with the child’s age in mind. You should always plan on your blankets receiving lots of love from their recipients (and repeated washings from their caregivers). Tight stitches will allow tiny fingers and toes to clutch, cuddle, and kick their blankets without becoming intertwined. If you have your heart set on making a blanket with a beautiful lacy stitch, we ask you to make the blanket large enough to give to an older child.

Finally, crochet or knit blankets should be made of washable acrylic yarns (please, no wool or cotton yarn) and in kid-friendly colors. Show us what you’ve made in the comments, or via e-mail to

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