Arizonian RV Bee in 2023

February 8, 2023 – mostly cloudy 🌥️ 69°

Our friends at the Arizonian spoiled us once again with delicious morning snacks and coffee-coffee-coffee! This was followed by an amazing salad spread for lunch and plenty of decadent deserts to keep us cranking out the blankets.

We had 71 busy bodies attend this bee. There were many familiar faces and a few new friends too.

Our two big winners of the day were Charlotte Baker from the Arizonian, who took home the door prize basket, and Kathy Buhaug from Tower Point, who got the cash prize from the 50/50 raffle. You can see both ladies in the slideshow at the bottom of the article. Charlotte’s bountiful basket was beautifully assembled by our lovely Letty Fowell, who chose a pretty pink Valentine theme for this Bee. Kathy Buhaug can be seen in blue, fanning her winnings between Letty (V.P.) and Sylvia (President). You’ll also see a smiling Bev Rip with a fan of cash in her hand. Bev is our Bee representative with the Arizonian quilt group. Our 50/50 raffle is split evenly between the winning ticket holder and our host group, to help offset any cost of 71 enthusiastic volunteers hanging out at their place for the day.

Volunteer Spotlight

Roving Reporter, Helen Foix, has been circulating our Bees and striking up conversations with our volunteers. The Arizonian Bee found her chatting with Pat Rutherford. Pat and her husband are snow birds from Grinnell, Iowa. They are the proud parents of two daughters and one son. Eight grandchildren under the age of 11 years old complete their family. Pat considers herself an amateur quilter. She has made some table runners and a King size T-shirt quilt that started out as a full size! Her friend, Val, encouraged her to come to the Bee today. Thanks to Pat and Val for joining us and spreading the word about our mission to provide seriously ill and traumatized children with a little love stitched into a cuddle blanket of their very own.

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If you’ve read this far but still want more, check out this excellent video made last year by the Arizonian’s super talented Connie Grant. Click here to link to the article from last year’s Arizonian Bee.




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