Holiday Village Bee 2024

January 27, 2024 – sunny & beautiful – ☀️ 74°

The weather was perfection as we arrived at Holiday Village with cars packed with gift baskets, supplies, sewing machines, and blankets in progress. Handsome helpers met us at our cars with carts in tow. Our hosts had already set up tables and chairs so all we had to do was move on in and greet our guests as they arrived. There were 34 busy buzzers at this Bee. It was a sweet swarm of productivity, purpose, people and pizza!

Volunteers met our new pinning process with “can do” spirit and we continue to learn and improve. Pinning requires pressing the top and back first, and we managed to get into a nice groove with three pressing stations feeding our pinning table. The pinned blankets were available for both tying and machine quilting. Extra thanks to everyone who contributed to this new effort and gave us feedback for improvements.

Board member, Letty Fowell, made another door prize basket that was almost too pretty to open. Charlotte Buratto, from Towerpoint, was the lucky winner of this blue beauty. Shirley Briggs, from Mountainbrook Village, who joins us with daughter, Cindy McCormick, won a little shopping trip to a local quilt shop. Please check out our list of drop-off locations and let them know we sent you when you visit. We appreciate them and encourage you to add to your fabric stashes by visiting their shops.

The big cash prize of $128 from our 50/50 raffle went to a happy Helen Clark, from Towerpoint. If you’re a “regular” at our quilting bees, you’ll see Helen on Saturday, March 23rd, when she welcomes us to the Towerpoint Bee in Mesa. The other half of the 50/50 prize went to our sweet Holiday Village hostesses, Sally Tucek and Connie Schall.

After we were in pleasant pizza food comas (thanks to our friends at Holiday Village) and all the prizes were dispersed, we gathered for a group photo before returning to work. Check out that photo, and all the other fun snaps from our day, below.

Bee By the Numbers:

  • 83 finished quilts came “in the door”
  • 17 quilts were finished at the Bee
  • 100 wonderful blugs (blanket hugs) went out the door at the end of the day to meet their new huggers (kids)

We hope to see you next in Gold Canyon, at the Arizonian RV Resort, for our Bee on Wednesday, February 7th!

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