Sunland Springs Village Bee 2024

April 6, 2024 – partly cloudy – 🌤️  67°

Our Sunland Springs Village Bee is always bittersweet. I marks the end of our time with winter visitors, as they prepare to leave for our warmer weather. So we soak up the treasured time and enjoy a day of making blankets for our kids. There were 39 guests with one notable absence. We missed our dear Letty, who was recovering from surgery, so we all penned our well wishes onto cards for her. Her cherished gift basket was won by Louise Sonnenburg, from Sunland Springs Village (SSV). Joan Pratt, also from SSV, took home $85 from our 50/50 drawing, while Jan Lundahl and Linda Christensen accepted the other half with our gratitude for hosting.

This is also the Bee where we drew the winner of our annual raffle quilt. We sold chances on this quilt for the past year. This will be our last annual raffle quilt, so this extra special prize went to our kind host from Towerpoint, Helen Clark. Sadly, Helen was sick and couldn’t make it to the Bee. Other friends from Towerpoint who attended the Bee were happy to deliver it to her later that day. She sent us a happy text message saying, “I’ve received the quilt. It is much more beautiful than I remembered. What a great honor to have this quilt.”

Morning treats and coffee were provided by our kind hosts. Lunch was a delicious build-your-own chef’s salad will all the fixings and a yummy ice cream bar for dessert. Thanks to everyone who spent the day with us and thank you to our hosts for putting in all the work it takes to set up for us and clean up once we’ve gone. We couldn’t make any of this happen without your support.

Bee By the Numbers:

  •  39 finished quilts came “in the door”
  •  34 quilts were finished at the Bee
  •  73 wonderful blugs (blanket hugs) went out the door at the end of the day to meet their new huggers (kids)


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