Making Masks

With recent changes to CDC Guidelines recommending wearing masks, we have received requests for masks from some of our blanket recipient agencies. As these requests come in, we’ll post information regarding their need and how to get the masks to them. If you are able to help, they would be most grateful.

If you don’t already have a favorite mask pattern and method, do a simple web search and you’ll have many to choose from. Elastic is nearly impossible to find, so you might include searches for clever substitutes. Many quilters are using binding for ties. I’ve been making simple pleated masks with ties made from t-shirt yarn. I cut an old, clean t-shirt into 1 inch strips. Pull on the strip to get it to curl onto itself and make a sturdy tie that won’t unravel. I’ve seen pipe cleaners inserted for nose wires, and interfacing used as an extra filter layer. To be clear, all of these ideas are used to make masks that are meant to be washed and reused.

It’s a beautiful thing to see the makers minds at work!

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