BEE-utiful Day at Weaver’s Needle RV Resort

It’s been two days since our Bee at Weaver’s Needle and I’m still buzzing from the excellent energy there! When we met on Friday, January 7th, 2022, it was our first bee of the new year and our first bee in almost two years. To say we missed y’all would be a huge understatement, and this day couldn’t have been more perfect. Below, Jeanette oversees our super sale of 50 cent fat quarters, thread and yarn, as well as a table of giveaway items.

Another new year announcement is in order here because this was the first showing and ticket sales of our latest raffle quilt. Feast your eyes on the gorgeousness that is our 2022 raffle quilt. We’ll draw the winner at our Sunland Springs Village Bee on April 2nd. Tickets are $1 each, 6 for $5, or 15 for $10.


The weather was warm and only a little breezy so we had volunteers spray basting quilts outside. These ladies were in beast mode all day! We estimate they slayed (sprayed) around 150 quilts. Absolute beasts (or BEEsts)?! We had another dynamite duo who sprayed for us as well. I didn’t get their photo, but we’re so grateful for the way everyone stepped in wherever they were needed.

The next shout-out has to go to these ladies who served us goodies and kept us juiced with coffee and water throughout the day. The entire community pitched in to provide pastries in the morning, then a delicious potluck salad luncheon and dessert. So much yum! And these smiles! You can’t look at this photo without smiling back at them. This was how the entire day went; everyone grinning from ear to ear, laughing, and chatting with old friends and making new friends.


Check out our amazing volunteers in action!

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One aspect of our bees that we can’t forget is… WINNING! We haven’t had a bee in such a long time so Letty made a beary special door prize basket to give away. The lucky lady who took this ton of treasure home was Helen Clark from Tower Point. She attended with five ladies from Tower Point and they donated 20 quilts at the door. Congratulations Helen! And thanks so much to you and all your quilty friends from Tower Point.


This bee brought us a record breaking 50/50 raffle drawing! Total proceeds were $384. Our host group, Weaver’s Needle Quilters, receive half ($192) and the other half goes to the one holding the golden ticket. Dixie Supler from Desert Sun was holding that golden ticket this time. This was Dixie’s first AZB4K Bee and she came with four friends from Desert Sun. Here’s Letty (center), presenting Pat Haats (left) with our host group winnings and Dixie (right) claiming her big bucks, no whammies! It was wonderful to meet you and we hope to see you again at future bees.

Every year, usually at our first Bee in the Fall, we have a special guest who brings a car load (or two) of blankets to donate. She sews throughout the year and makes a one time donation during a Bee so we can show everyone all the loveliness. If you’ve been with us for a while, you know I’m talking about the fabulous Carol Pettis. We weren’t expecting her, but she made a surprise appearance at the end of the day and we got to have a perfect ending to the day with a blanket parade of the whopping 100 blankets she brought for our kids! Carol (left and laughing) holds a Pooh blanket with two other blankets held over the pile of 100. Thank you so much, Carol, for sharing your time and talents, and bringing your joy to complete this BEE-utiful day!

Bee By The Numbers

94 Attendees
188 Blankets Donated at the Door
26 Blankets Completed at the Bee
22 Months Since Our Last Bee
48 Days Until Our Next Bee

See you on Saturday, February 26th, at LaHacienda RV Resort in Apache Junction!



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