• When you click on the pattern picture, you will need to click on it again to open it and the dimensions/measurements are all there in the pattern. It may open in another browser window. Hope this helps. Happy sewing!

    • This is a good one! We ask that you use our patterns for personal use or charity only. Please do not make quilts to sell for profit, using our patterns. Happy Sewing!

    • If you go to the pattern picture and click on it, the pattern will open in another window…you can also print it or download it, I believe. The pattern should state yardage needed for each block or group of blocks. Happy Sewing!

        • You will be able to figure out the yardage by adding up the block measurements for each fabric…then adding them together. Our patterns were published many years ago, many people use what they have in their stash, so yardage requirements did not seem necessary at that time. We will revisit this in the future, though we are an all-volunteer nonprofit and re-doing and uploading all 50 patterns to our website would be a huge undertaking. I am sorry this is cAusing you problems.

    • Please feel free to use our patterns here for any charity quilts or for personal use. We ask that people do not sell anything for profit that is made from our patterns. Happy Sewing!

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