February 23, 2019 – LaHacienda RV Resort Bee Report

It was a wee bit chilly on this late February day. What better way to spend it, than with quilting friends, yummy food, and helping spirits at LaHacienda, in Apache Junction. This Bee was host to 62 guests. We had a delicious potluck lunch where all guests brought a dish to share. Our plates look like scrappy circle quilts, made of a few bites of many dishes. So many colors and so much flavor!

Once again we converted food to fuel and completed 102 blankets during the day. Yes, you read that right! Over 100 blankets completed by 62 guests on this day. Woot! There were 43 blankets received at the door, for a grand total of 145 completed blankets. Amazing work!

While we count and report on completed blankets at our Bees, don’t forget all the other blankets in process that were nudged along another step or two on their path. Kits are assembled into tops. Layered pieces are spray basted. Several tables of tying made piles of quilts that were ready to bind. Our Bees are well-tuned machines that churn blankets through every step of their process to completion. Every stitch, every spray, every cut, every binding, every single task is meaningful and so very appreciated.

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