Queen Valley Bee 2023

March 13, 2023 – clear skies – ☀️ 77°

Sometimes we attend what we call a Mini Bee. This is when a sewing group hosts a Bee and invites members of the AZB4K Board to join them. We’ve enjoyed many happy Mini Bees with our friends at Queen Valley Sharing Circle and their Queen Bee, Darlene Miller. On this day, there were 22 volunteers in attendance.

The indomitable Darlene has this Sharing Circle rolling like a well-oiled machine. They have their own tried and true process for quilting that turns out well made, lovingly crafted and completely cuddle worthy blankets. There were six blankets donated at the door and 22 completed at the Bee. That’s quite a lot for a small hive!

Our hosts provided a delicious salad bar luncheon and Letty provided another of her gorgeous giveaway door prize baskets. The door prize went home with Sharing Circle volunteer, Karen Hoffman. Keep scrolling for a few snaps from our lovely day in Queen Valley.

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