Sunland Springs Village Bee 2023

April 1, 2023 – clear skies – ☀️ 79°

Our annual Bee at Sunland Springs Village is always a busy one and often a last day spent with our winter visitors before they head back to their cooler locales for the summer. This year was no exception, with 50 guests, 227 quilts brought in at the door, eight finished at the Bee and four that just needed labels added. That brings us to a total of 239 quilts out the door at the end of the day and into the arms of our kids.

Our SSV quilt group hosts provided a great salad lunch and decadent Magnum ice cream bars for only $3 per person. Thanks to our hosts for the yummy treats as well as a bright and cheerful venue for us to gather and create.

The door prize, a gorgeous gift basket made by Letty, went to Helen Clark from Towerpoint.

The 50/50 winner of $65 went to Allie Watkins. The SSV Quilters got the other half, to thank them for being amazing hosts once again.

The 2022/23 raffle quilt winner was drawn by last year’s winner, our own Cindy McCormick. Eileen McKay, from La Hacienda, was the lucky winner. She wasn’t at the Bee but came as soon as we called. She was thrilled!





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