Encore at Eastmark 2023 Quilt Show

Our quilting friends from Encore at Eastmark outdid themselves again with their Annual Quilt Show on October 5th. This group is so talented and generous. Check out the photos below to see what I mean. If you click on a photo, it will open at full size in a new window for your viewing pleasure. Then use the arrows at left/right to scroll through all 19 pics and click the x in the upper right corner to come back to this screen.

There are walls and rows and tables of beautiful quilts, oh my! How many, you ask? 180 to be exact, with a whopping 126 teen size! We requested more teen size quilts and this group answered our call with bold and beautiful blankets, many for our teen boys. There were also 48 child size and 6 infant/toddler size. We’re so grateful and happy to wrap our kiddos in crisis with these loving creations.

As you browse the photos below, you may fall in love with some of the blocky animal patterns and wish you could make some for our kids too. Wish no more! Visit our Patterns page, where you will find three patterns shared with us by Elizabeth LeSueur. There’s a Dog and Bone Quilt, a Dinosaur Quilt, and a Horse or Zebra Quilt. Give one of these a try or look at some of the blankets below for inspiration and make up your own cuddly critters. Using squares and triangles and playing with fabric prints, the possibilities are endless!

Happy creating and thank you again to Elizabeth and all the amazing volunteers at Encore who made this possible! 

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